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Noodle w/ pork soy sauce

Noodle w/ pork soy sauce

Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House

Chinatown, Center City East
$, Reservations, Noodles

Expert Recommendations

"When I first found this joint, I asked them if I could work there to see if I would be able to make hand-drawn noodles. They let me trail them for a week, but it was mostly just me watching them and getting in the way while they laughed at me. The noodles are made-to-order and everything is tasty, but the soy sauce-braised pork is my favorite. It's like a Chinese bolognese!"
"This Chinatown noodle house is the best restaurant in Philadelphia in my opinion. I always order the pork noodle soup with a view of the chefs pulling the noodles by hand, a dying art."

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