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Pied de porc

Expert Recommendations

"Foie gras is one of my favorite things to eat, so stuffing it inside a pig's foot elevates it to something even better than I could have imagined!"
"Unfortunately, I only dine at Bibou once a year, so that means I'm craving the foie-stuffed pig trotter for the remaining 364 days out of the year. This dish is amazing! It's pure bliss for an experienced foodie or a wonderful step into the French culinary world for a novice. Braised to perfection, the pork and foie melt in your mouth."
"The pig's trotter stuffed with foie gras is super rich and satisfying. Chef Pierre Calmels gets the skin super crispy and serves it over hearty lentils. A perfect match for a big red wine, which I love to drink."
"Nobody in the city does pork trotters as well as Pierre Calmels at Bibou. Served with lentils and foie gras, it’s homey and comforting, a real feel-good dish."
"Even stuffed with foie gras and beluga lentils, the pig's feet at Bibou are something most people would never imagine could be so tasty. Chef-owners Pierre and Charlotte Calmels bring a welcomed French experience to Philadelphia."
"The gelatinous pig's foot covers your mouth in its flavor and sits upon a bed of the heartiest of legumes, puy lentils. The foie gras prize in the center of the trotter is what takes it over the top."

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