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The Special Tripe Appetizer Dish

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The Special Tripe Appetizer Dish
""This dish takes me back to my youth of eating my Grandmother Carolina's Menudo. Even though they're different dishes, the delicately braised tripe reminds me of how my grandmother's would just melt away, and Chef Massimiliano's delicious sauce complements the tripe perfectly. I always need a little extra bread for the sauce at the end.""

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Chef Lizzie Binder's Favorite Pasta at La Ciccia | The Usual

Top Chef alum Lizzie Binder knows her pasta: her former restaurant Bar Bambino in San Francisco was known for its great Italian food. So where does she go when she craves a plate of pasta? La Ciccia, a neighborhood restaurant known for its authentic Sardinian cuisine, including one of her all time favorite dishes, gnocchetti with a homemade sausage, saffron, and tomato sauce and Pecorino cheese. In The Usual, the country's best chefs reveal the one dish that blows their mind again and again, then head behind-the-scenes to meet the creators.