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Roast pork sandwich


"I am embarrassed to say I didn't experience John's Roast Pork until after I met him at the James Beard Awards, but I am glad I finally found out. The combination of the roast pork on that roll is something I crave often."
"This place is old-school Philly and it’s awesome. Forget cheesesteaks! John's pork sammys are the way to go, especially when they're layered with broccoli rabe and sharp Provolone. Sit outside on a picnic table where people have been throwing them down for decades."
"It depends on my mood whether I get pork or beef from John's, but it's always with greens and sharp Provolone. There's usually a line out the door for cheesesteaks, but never one for beef and pork. You get to cut in front of all the suckers waiting for 20 to 30 minutes and get straight to Philly's best. I suggest a side of long hots, too, and for tourists, awesome $10 T-shirts."
"Dirty, tiny, sweaty, this place is a hole-in-the-wall, but it smells amazing! There's usually a line around the side of the building, because everyone knows that the only place to get a roast pork sandwich in South Philly is John's. There's a reason why this lunch spot has a James Beard Award."
"You stand in line at this James Beard Award-winning shack by the train tracks, hope they haven't run out of rolls and order quickly, but it's worth the hassle. The pork is drip-down-your-chin moist; I get it Italian-style with perfectly soft broccoli rabe, extra Sharp provolone and roasted long hots."

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