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Roast pork sandwich

Expert Recommendations

"The best bite in the Reading Terminal is definitely this sandwich, hands down. People line up to take one away, but I always make time to sit at the counter and take one down. Tender, juicy, wet, almost sloppy meat with sautéed broccoli rabe that’s definitely hooked up with some chili flake is served on the ultimate sandwich roll, a seeded Sarcone’s roll. I'll take some sharp Provolone on that and tune out for 10 minutes to enjoy; it's like the whole market stops."
"DiNic's roast pork sandwich is what Philly should be known for. It's far superior to any cheesesteak, especially when it's topped with broccoli rabe."
"I love walking around the Reading Terminal on my day off, wandering around all the stalls, then enjoy this moist, flavorful roast pork sandwich after the crowds leave. DiNic's greens are always nice and bitter, and a single long hot always sets it off."

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