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Tartufo pizza

Tartufo pizza

Pizzeria Stella

Society Hill, Center City East
$$, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Pizza, Reservations, Full Bar, Italian

Expert Recommendations

"Stella bakes the best pizzas in Philly. They're nice and crisp with a slight char, yet still doughy. The pizzas are absolute perfection and also have a great variety in flavors. It's impossible to pick just one, but If I had to, it would be the Tartufo pizza as it has truffle and eggs, two things that I love. You can smell the pizza wafting through the restaurant before you see it! The yolk is still nice and runny, and you get to stir this in with the fontina cheese. It's just a great pizza."
"As a family, we always enjoy Stella. It's a great place to go with kids. My family loves the Tartufo pie, topped with black truffle, a runny egg, and Fontina cheese."
"This pizza is topped with black truffle and egg, but it's the crust that gets me. The recipe they have for their pizza dough is the single best I have ever tasted."

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