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House-made spam


House-made spam
"House-made spam Wow this took me back to my childhood! awesome off-menu dish!!! Megan the bartender was amazing and very accommodating. Since coming to California this is my favorite restaurant experience so far."
House-made spam
"I am pretty sure that chef Ravi will take over the world with this spam. I love everything about it. The texture and flavor is right on. I have never had a better version. The dish as a whole is so comforting and makes me really happy when I eat it. Every now and then you have to close your eyes when you take a bite from a dish—this is one of them for me."
"Not ashamed to say, this takes me back to my childhood, but elevated with house-made "Spam" and bay shrimp. I love this room, the open, sleek kitchen, and the wonderful staff."
"It's not on the menu, but don't be fooled - they've got it. Salty, porky, pickly. It's pretty incredible."
"I am pretty sure that Ravi will take over the world with this spam. I love everything about it."

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