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House-made spam


House-made spam
"House-made spam Wow this took me back to my childhood! awesome off-menu dish!!! Megan the bartender was amazing and very accommodating. Since coming to California this is my favorite restaurant experience so far."
"Not ashamed to say, this takes me back to my childhood, but elevated with house-made "Spam" and bay shrimp. I love this room, the open, sleek kitchen, and the wonderful staff."
"It's not on the menu, but don't be fooled - they've got it. Salty, porky, pickly. It's pretty incredible."
House-made spam
"I am pretty sure that chef Ravi will take over the world with this spam. I love everything about it. The texture and flavor is right on. I have never had a better version. The dish as a whole is so comforting and makes me really happy when I eat it. Every now and then you have to close your eyes when you take a bite from a dish—this is one of them for me."

Also at Liholiho Yacht Club

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