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"So much crab, and so much garlic. Get ready to be messy and use your hands. Reminds me of eating fried bits of seafood all along the Florida coast. Of course, these crabs are much larger than their East Coast cousins!"
"There’s not much ethnic food in Napa Valley, so when we’re in the city, that’s what we go for. And we love this! Having the salt and pepper crab is an experience; it’s an entire deep-fried crab. Ridiculously good."
"Block out an hour or so just to eat this, but it's totally worth it. They fry the crab pieces in the shell, so you kind of suck the breading off each bite and then dig out the tender meat. The salt and Szechuan pepper spice mix on the outside numbs your lips a bit and boosts the savory qualities of the crab. "
"When you're in the mood for unhealthy food, this crisp, deep-fried crab from this wildly popular Chinatown destination certainly satiates your craving."

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