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Bone marrow

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In Which We Throw You A (Ken) Bone!

There's a silver lining to every batshit crazy cloud, you guys. Here's a smattering of bone-in, bone marrow goodness to celebrate the hero of the moment.

Expert Recommendations

"Roasted garlic, parsley, croutons and salt accompany the roasted bone marrow for this simple dish, an example of how simplicity done well can lead to perfection."
"The marrow bones are done right here. Marrow is such a comforting food, and Mozza does just that by keeping it simple. The roasted garlic cloves and chervil are a great addition to select bites, but I love enjoying the marrow spread solo on perfectly toasted yet chewy bread."
"If you like bone marrow, the simple way they execute this is amazing. It's the only bone marrow I continually crave."

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