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Ramen stock from fresh Amish Duroc pigs


"Boiling cauldrons all day and all night when you are in the ramen business. But this pot is special. This stock is made from fresh Amish Duroc pigs from my buddy in @mycolumbiatn who just happened to butchering hams to head into his antebellum smokehouse. I was the lucky recipient for all the parts he did not need. 400 lbs of Amish pig in this pot. 4 days of work to get this stock down to the consistency of gravy to be seasoned and served tomorrow night at @cochon555 as Duroc Tsukemen with @sunnoodles. We will serve 350 bowl of ramen in 45 minutes. Yes that's right. Come watch the madness. If you have a ticket you will get a bowl. Head to their site to get your ticket. #couchon555 #nashville #nash #ramen #otakuramen #sunnoodles"

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