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Pierogi, smoked Wagyu, beet, kohlrabi, sour cream and dill

Pierogi, smoked Wagyu, beet, kohlrabi, sour cream and dill

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"Composition: Pierogi - Smoked Wagyu / Beet / Kohlrabi / Sour Cream / Dill As many of those who have been to EL know, our menu is very much a team effort. And though I am well aware there are those out there who feel that I should monopolize the menu with my own ideas, for many reasons I have been reluctant to do so. But without getting into too long of a diatribe as to why that is, the most rewarding aspect of collaborating on the menu is to be able to bare witness to the inspired ideas of the many talented chefs that have come through the EL kitchen. When I think of how much my own cooking style has evolved since opening five years ago, I am forever in debt to so many. Anyhow, @david.goody is my right hand man. He's the first guy in the kitchen each day, and he's the most likely to come in on his day off to work on a new idea. Aside from coming up with striking ideas like this one, he does a lot of the little things that have freed me up to focus more on superfluous shit... like this. This course was the first dish he added to our menu when he started with us last winter. Because I love eating the luscious scraps off the cutting board while slicing the meat for our guests, there is very frequently a course featuring A5 Wagyu beef from Japan. Unfortunately, a lot of very expensive and very delicious trim is a byproduct of the cleaning process. And though once in a while we will make some insanely delicious Wagyu hamburgers for family meal, the richness usually leaves us more inspired to take naps than welcome guests. Anyhow, We always seem to have more on hand than we know what to do with, so Goody thought to use them for a pierogi. Please visit our facebook page if you wish to learn more about this course! Photo by @tassonephoto"
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