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House of Prime Rib cut

House of Prime Rib cut

House of Prime Rib

Polk Gulch
$$$, Full Bar, American, Steakhouse

Expert Recommendations

"The crème de la crème of meat. It's sort of like American dim sum here. They slice the meat right in front of you, with all the sides and fixings right there. Generally, somewhere halfway through the meal, I start getting the meat sweats. In a good way."
"I love the whole experience at House of Prime Rib. Yep, I absolutely love the old-school cheesiness of it all and I always leave very happy. Get a martini (gin) or two. Eat the silly but tasty overdressed salad that they mix tableside. Polish off your serving of prime rib with all the fixings and then ask for a second complimentary slice. I love it there. This is a San Francisco classic."
"This is a really good deal and a fun experience. The meat is carved and plated right at the table. Don't eat too much bread—save room for the meat! Although they always ask if you want a second portion of meat, I never have room."
"Hands down, the best deal in town. The sides are all-inclusive, and they even offer more meat if you finish your cut. Even the creamed horseradish is the best. My dad used to frequent this place when he was in college in the 60's when the SAME exact meal used to cost $5. The fact that HoPR has kept the tradition of the same meal and carving carts is totally fantastic. Be on the look-out for Gus, the charming maître d' who’s only missed one day of work in 26 years."
"I love the whole experience—the nostalgic, old-world, festive atmosphere. The House of Prime Rib cut is about an inch thick, and my personal choice is medium rare. I also ask for a slice close to the neck, which has a larger deckle and more fat between the meat. Add a baked potato and a Napa Valley Cabernet, and after that, you don't need anything else."

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