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CA state bird with provisions

CA state bird with provisions

State Bird Provisions

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CA state bird with provisions
"CA state bird with provisions think fried chicken delicious, but in a perfect, small package so you can still enjoy the other epic dishes that State Bird offers - which is all of them!"
"It was love after first bite. The crispy texture of the crust keeping all the juices from the bird inside with the sweet & sour from the lemon sousbise that it was swimming in. Salty from the shaved parm. A heavyweight dish packing a TKO flavor punch!"
"It's the namesake, so it's a must order. Crispy fried quail, parmigiano, preserved lemon. What's not to love?"
"This dish impresses me with the fact that they have clearly done the R&D to figure out how to perfectly fry a quail. I've spent so much time trying to perfect the fried chicken technique, and I can see that State Bird has really done the same to get their execution perfect."
"I've been eating this since 2005 at Rubicon and it will never get old. It's perfect spices and breading on buttermilk and herb-marinated quail."
"This is chef Stuart's signature dish. It came with lemon confit the last time I had it, but the sides change all the time. It's a whole bird that's juicy and crispy, like a mini, whole-fried chicken. It's so good. You fry it, I'll eat it!"
"The restaurant is owned by two amazing chefs, Stuart Brioza (savory) and Nicole Krasinski (sweet), so it's hard to pick just one dish. I order the quail, a signature dish at their restaurant, and if it's on the menu, I also get the olive oil ice cream with rhubarb and salty streusel. And then I order everything else—it's all great."
"The fried quail, which is the namesake dish at this Fillmore destination, is crisp and juicy. Their desserts are out of sight as well."
"thanks @gmaeda25 @statebirdprovisions @atomicstew @handsthatknowyou for the amazing dinner last night 🙌🏽🤗"

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