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Jerk chicken bowl

Expert Recommendations

"today I, a Hispanic/Polish American had lunch at a Jamaican restaurant amongst people of many races. There was a family of Asian Americans sitting next to me, across from me a black woman with the most incredible smile, a few tables down a family of white people with their young kids, a table of Hispanic men in the corner and a table of older Jamaican ladies holding court in the other. Take away the words Asian, Hispanic, White and Black and you're left with People. We were all just people sitting down to a meal, smiling, laughing and enjoying. Yes we all come from different cultures and races but we all love, cry, smile and hurt in the same way. Thank you @pimentokitchen for being a place where people and good food can come together without the threat of feeling out of place or unwanted. Also lunch was incredibly tasty, it's easy to taste the soul of where you come from in the flavors of your food. #cometogether #jamaica #jerkchicken #eatstreet #mpls #onelove #breatheeasy #charlottesville"