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Bone-in ribeye

Bone-in ribeye

Emeril's Delmonico

Central City
$$$, Full Bar, Steakhouse, Cajun / Creole

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"When we're in the mood for steak (which is often), we turn to Emeril's Delmonico to satisfy our hankering. The fact that the steaks are dry-aged in-house only compels me to visit more often. Dry-aging usually results in beefier tasting beef, and this is certainly no exception. I typically prefer my steak au natural, as the steaks at Delmonico need no embellishment, but don’t be afraid to gild the lily with the complex, tangy, and slightly sticky Worcestershire sauce that the folks here make."
"This 20-ounce dry-aged ribeye is seared at 1200 degrees; the sear on this steak actually crunches when you bite into it. It's served with a housemade Worcestershire sauce."

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