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Truffle pasta with poached egg

Truffle pasta with poached egg


$$$, French, Modern

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Truffle pasta with poached egg
"We went to check out brunch at Foiegwa @betobarroco @jeremie_barroco and were treated with many treats! 🙏👑 This beautiful truffle pasta dish was very delicate and pretty, hidden in the middle of the nest was a poached egg. Swipe to the right to see a thinly sliced grilled cheese sandwich all stacked and ready for dipping into those perfectly cooked ‘oeuf à la coque.’ Ok FULL DISCLOSURE: I am probably the only chef on the planet earth (other then @bakeronthego) who does NOT enjoy the apparent joys of a runny, quivering egg. Just creeps me out, always has. 😂🤔 I can intellectually understand the coolness of a built in rich sauce created by the addition of an egg ‘coulant’, and of course I get pleasure in watching EVERYONE else enjoy them so. 😩 I have tried to love them, I swear, but I can’t. 😒 There you have it. Guilty as charged. I ate a wonderful Parisian omelet and asked for it well done. Someone probably wanted to murder me in the kitchen 😬😬😬. Sorry.... #rubbereggsforever #weirdochef #lonelygirlatbrunch"

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