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Bread loaf

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"really good bread walks a razor’s edge, tempting disaster with even the slightest misjudgment. I was lucky enough to spend the day with Jonathan Bethony, long time friend, bread baker and co-owner of @seyloubakery in Washington DC. Jonathan’s bread is an exercise in extremes. he pushes the hydration and the fermentation beyond what I was comfortable with, shaping it was like holding hands with a trembling puddle. he stokes the fire all morning because he likes the oven hot enough to singe your eyebrows when you peek in. and he bakes the bread til it’s three shades beyond “done,” one shade shy of “black.” what’s the result? I’m not even hungry, but I’ve been resisting the aromas for 2 hours, so I finally let myself just have one bite... then I ate half the loaf. congratulations Seylou team, couldn’t be more proud of you. 🙏"

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