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Roasted duck

Roasted duck

Sun Wah BBQ

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"The duck at Sun Wah BBQ is truly one of the best roasted ducks in the city of Chicago. It's also very affordable and has the perfect skin to fat ratio."
Roasted duck
"I always order the barbecue duck and pork, the specialty of the house. This is the best Chinese food around. Don't waste time with Chinatown, this is the real deal."
"I love to take my family to Sun Wah for the Peking Duck dinner. I've never had better duck in Chicago; it's a true institution! They carve the breasts and legs tableside for you to make little bao bun snacks, then they make fried rice and a very flavorful soup out of it. It feeds a whole family!"
"I love Peking duck, and while I’ve never been to China, I have to imagine that this is as close as it gets to authentic. They carve the duck and serve it in several courses; the meat is plated with bao buns, hoisin, and pickles, and then they make a broth out of the carcass and serve it with duck fried rice. Delicious."
"You need to reserve this dish ahead of time, but it’s well worth it. It’s a whole roasted duck, carved tableside and served with a plate of steamed bao, pickled daikon, garnish, and hoisin sauce. Sometimes I find myself stuffing a bao with just the crispy duck skin—it’s easily the best part."
"So simple and so unbelievably good. The meat is flavorful and juicy, the skin is crisp, and the rice is the perfect vehicle to soak up the delicious juices."
"Many of my chef friends in Chicago agree that Sun Wah serves the best Peking duck outside of China. The crispy-skinned bird is carved tableside and served with traditional courses (I love the pancakes)."

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