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Assorted plates

Expert Recommendations

"Been wanting to eat @smythchicago for a while now. It did not disappoint, it was really a perfect meal, fun, creative, and delicious. Thank you @chefjohnshields @afwalsh for the hospitality."
Assorted plates
"A dinner to remember at @smythchicago last night. Funnel Cake, Mackerel, Beet Bolognese, Broken Rice, Ribeye w/ Milk Skin, Farro Dessert.. only some of the highlights. A bow and huge thank you to @chefjohnshields and the team. Absolutely amazing. Happy Holidays"
"I'm probably a little biased but @smythchicago was absolutely incredible. It's really amazing to see what @chefjohnshields and his team are doing here, the flavors and textures, how the @___the__farm___ influences the menu, just a truly unique experience. Proud to call this man my culinary mentor and a friend."

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