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Barbecue plate with ribs


"I didn’t have time to get more pictures sadly because I was running to catch this plane back home. But @bs_pitmaster spot in #savannah is legit. I’ve wanted to try it ever since @theblindpigsupperclub brought us together for a bbq event. Now I’m not a bbq man by any means but I was embraced by what I call my #bbqfamily immediately and I consider them good friends. I talk about that single rib Bryan gave me right as they were ready as one of the single best bites I’ve had. I send as many people as I can to support him and his wife at @bscracklinbbq in #Atlanta and Savannah. So if your in those areas def go treat yourself to some of their stuff. You won’t be sorry I can promise you that!!"

Also at B's Cracklin BBQ