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The Farm Egg Dessert

Expert Recommendations

The Farm Egg Dessert
"This dessert was a strong ending to an inspiring meal at @smythchicago. Egg yolk soaked in salted licorice with frozen yogurt meringue. 💫"
"The Farm Egg by @smythchicago - one of the very best desserts of my life. Great meal with chef @joelhandshuh in #Chicago"
The Farm Egg Dessert
"Been wanting to eat @smythchicago for a while now. It did not disappoint, it was really a perfect meal, fun, creative, and delicious. Thank you @chefjohnshields @afwalsh for the hospitality."
"About last night.... absolutely blown away by the hospitality, ambiance, and thoughtfulness @smythchicago. From the incredible playlist changing from record to record to the depths of flavor in every bite. Thank you @chefjohnshields and team for a fantastic experience!"

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