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Expert Recommendations

"Redolent of smoke, the chopped brisket is my go-to every time I'm here. No one does brisket in Chicago better."
"Nobody does brisket better in Chicago. I'm a huge fan of brisket, and they nail it here. I also like the slaw. Tip: Get it chopped, not sliced."
"Don’t miss the meltingly soft, sublime beef brisket at this north side barbecue haven. I never thought this type of treatment could render such a flavorful, moist meat, but it does."
"How does one describe perfection? The first bite of this other-worldly meat says it all."
"It's worth getting to Smoque early so you can miss the lines and get your hands on succulent Texas-style brisket before they run out. It's real-deal barbecue—beef, not pork, with a low, slow smoking time (15 hours, to be precise) and a double-layer spice rub."