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Heidelberg Restaurant

Yorkville, Upper East Side
$$$, Full Bar, German, Beer Garden

Expert Recommendations

"@beeracolyte had to remind me of one of my favorite places @the_old_heidelberg_nyc #tbt a deconstructed grilled cheese Hofbrau Dunkel with baked Camembert, red onions, roasted apples and cranberry chutney. Apples and cranberry bring out the fruitiness of the beer, while the beer's bready malt and melanoidins align with the roasting of the apples and crust of the Camembert. The raw onions elevate the subtle spicy cumin-like and linden flower hop character of the beer and along with co2 help to cut through the buttery cheese. The earthiness of the cheese also seemed to enhance the cumin-like spiciness in the beer."