Pizza diavola


"I love places where you can see the food being made in front of you, so it's great that Olivella’s has an open kitchen. Your mouth waters while the pizza cook gets the dough just thin enough, puts a light sauce on it, and tops it with housemade mozzarella and jalapeños. When it comes out of the oven and it’s all bubbly, they add spicy sopressata. I like to add arugula to it at this point, and then please, step away from my pizza!"
"To me, this is the best pizza in Dallas. The dough is thinly rolled and baked in a fireplace chamber. It only takes two to three minutes for this light, slightly charred crust to come to your table. It's thin, crispy, and topped with roasted jalapeños and sopressata—my favorite! I add sausage to mine and enhance it with spicy chili olive oil."

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