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Chickpea Brown Rice Salad with Fermented Veggies

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"My lunch today - from @ezrasrawcafe. Chickpea brown rice salad with kale, beet, carrot, red onion, fermented veggies and pumpkin seeds. . . Food can either bring your level of wellbeing down, or it can elevate your health. . . High vibe food absolutely can change your health. And that my friends is life changing. . . This was my #1 reason I opened Ezra’s Cafe. Clean food changed my life and I wanted to share that with my community. To serve life-giving food. Food that heals. Food that can change your life. . . What’s on your plate today? . . #enlightenyourplate #plantbased #plantstrong #vibrantfood #letfoodbethymedicine #foodcanheal"
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