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Brussels sprouts salad


"I love these fried Brussels sprouts with grapefruit and a fish sauce dressing. It has a great balance of salty, sweet, and sour."
"I love Brussels sprouts, but these are done particularly well. The citrus plays off well with the strong flavors from the Brussels and cauliflower, giving the dish a sweet, tart note that makes it perfectly balanced."
"Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and blood orange—it's my favorite salad right now. Chopsticks canʼt move as fast as a shovel!"
"These guys just opened up right next door to us at Bunk Bar on Water Ave., and they already have a line out the door at lunch. This dish has become an instant favorite. The cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are always perfectly brown and crunchy, and the spice from the vinaigrette cuts through the pork belly that I, inevitably, always add on."

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