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Vegetarian mezze platter


"This is one of those endearing places to me; when my wife and I started dating, we'd meet here after work, so I'm a little nostalgic about the place. You should get the veggie mezza platter and an order of chicken kebabs to share, like we used to. It's more than enough food for two. The rice that comes with the kebab is so over the top with the flavor of chicken bouillon cubes... it's amazing!"
"This vegetarian mezza platter at Nicholas has a nice mix of flavors and textures, and you get tons of fresh baked bread to tie it all together."
"This Lebanese restaurant offers friendly service and a mezze platter that could feed a family of four. The falafel is moist and tender, the hummus is super creamy, and the pita bread comes out of the oven still puffed up with hot steam."