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Dassai SPARKLING Nigori Sake

Dassai SPARKLING Nigori Sake

Elizabeth St. Café

$$, Outdoor Seating, Reservations, Bakery, Full Bar, Vietnamese, Breakfast

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"New to @elizabethstreetcafe sake list [brought to us by our wine buyer @tuotoro ]—the most crushable, brunchable libation: Dassai SPARKLING Nigori Sake. . . . . Not your average nigori [unfiltered aka “cloudy” sake]: the rice is the strain, Yamada Nishiki and is polished to 50% its original size [that’s what the numbers on a Dassai bottle indicate] AND it’s made in the traditional method [like champagne, as in second fermentation in bottle!] it’s deliciously balanced, not too dry and not too sweet AND pairs nicely with everything on our menu, AND the packaging is hella cute with a #millenialpink label AND they send you a cute cartoon regarding the safety precautions of opening sparkling sake. . . . . #wine #sake #esceats #mmhaustin #nigori #sakepairing #traditionalmethod #genjisake #dassai #yamadanishiki"

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