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“Har Gow” Tortelloni en Peking Duck Consommé

“Har Gow” Tortelloni en Peking Duck Consommé


Arts, Downtown Los Angeles
$$, Reservations, American

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“Har Gow” Tortelloni en Peking Duck Consommé
"The last 2 weeks have been so busy I forgot to post about the awesome food @meilin21 cooked for her preview dinner of @nightshadela. The “Har Gow” tortellini in Peking duck brodo was sooo good we kept talking about it even while eating our faces off in Japan. And that peach and vanilla dessert from @maxouboon... 😍😍😍"
"As I was testing for Peking ducks I had a lot of left over carcasses. First thing that came to mind was to make a brodo. But there’s nothing more sexy than a properly made consommé. The har gow filling doesn’t get overshadowed by the duck consommé at all but compliments it quite nicely. This won’t be on the menu at @nightshadela all the time as this needs a lot of Duck carcasses. But once in a while, we’ll run it as a special. 📷: @wheeleyum"
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