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charred eggplant with red miso & cheese

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"-AUGUST MENU- Come check our new August menu starting on Sunday this month! A few more days to check out the July menu so come swing by! This August menu is a fun refreshing summer menu, kept it real classic and simple. A lot of these are the meals my mom made growing up during a hot summer day ☀️ Sun gold tomatoes with a light soy vinaigrette, charred eggplant with red miso and cheese, cold turkey salad with a chili sesame sauce, sautéed okra, and a bunch of other fun new things😁 #GetIt #Summer🤤 #ItsGettingHot #IkindaWishItWasHotter #GoJumpInALake #ThenComeEat #JustSayin🤷🏻‍♂️ #ConveyJapan #Ooomami"
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