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Truffles Tasting Menu

Expert Recommendations

"Always fun playing with these fresh truffles and the unique flavors they bring. Was a cool experience getting to know the guests before the dinner while foraging with everyone in the morning. Made the experience for myself and everyone at the dinner a little more intimate😁 -Cured egg yolk infused with truffles katsu -mushroom with soy and truffle butter -turnip soup with truffle -kabocha 4ways with truffle -pickled crab with truffle -black cod beets and truffle -duck yam and truffles -truffle all day gelato Thanks @stellafindstruffles @cascadiatruffles for helping set this up! #FreshTruffles #TrufflesForDays #Truffles #PNW #Cheffin #ConveyJapan #Ooomami"
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