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Pig Skin Udon

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"Straight up throwback dish to that time @matt_danko , @gratefulgraham, @vincegriffith , @brettoliversawyer , @chefgoodguy and @chefsawyer all coexisted in the same kitchen at @thegreenhousetavern ::::::::: udon made from pig skin, nori butter, egg yolk, rendered chashu, maitake mushrooms, dashi, ayugyosho, and purple shiso :::::: The dish we put out was a caccio e pepe, with pig skin noodles. This time we went carbonara. Big shoutout to everyone tagged. I can’t believe how fucking successful all of you have become. I’m humbled to have worked the line with such a group of studs. THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME, GUYS!!!"
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