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The Venus Cocktail

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"Cocktail creation @prettyuglybar 🍸>>> @robandcheese : ‘ Everything has been done, i want to taste something new, exciting, weird. I want a cocktail that tastes like something that is strained through a lava rock’ or something... . . Me : ‘ 🧐🧐🧐’ . . Sometimes it’s just about thinking a slight touch outside the box, maybe get in touch with JUST your palette. Forget ingredients, forget what a cocktail SHOULD be, fuck the rules... dive into flavours, texture, how does it feel in your mouth? What about after? What makes a ‘good’ cocktail? . . ‘The Venus Cocktail’ // A bone dry, astringent, weird AF cocktail that is both herbal and mineral, kind of tastes like a Riesling stripped of its sugars and .. well, wine. So strange, yet SO TASTY 😘 . . #cocktail #cocktailbar #worldsbestbars"
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