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Roasted Goose and Onion with 0 Seasoning.

Roasted Goose and Onion with 0 Seasoning.


$$$, Reservations, Scandinavian, Restaurant

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"There are not a lot of restaurants that change the course of your life. Even saying it, it sounds like this corny, huge over exaggeration. But regardless, for @restrelae, this is true for me. Nearly 8 years ago to the day, I had my first meal there and the entire experience left me loopy. From how the kitchen seriously treated the food to how not seriously they took themselves, it was a blueprint for what I wanted even before I even knew it. Tonight’s meal under @jtam1342 was the best I’ve had there, besting it’s own self in my life. Even after his own little mini empire and all the success in the world, I hope @chrifrapug knows his affect on our cooking world, birthing a generation of cooks that just believe in what they want to do, how they want to do it, and being comfortable doing it. For even just the short period or time I’ve spent eating there, the four days I’ve spent staging there, the amount of inspiration and friends (@leeselov!) I’ve gained for life just by hanging out there for a short minute has been an immense impact on my career and life. Cheers to you all, I can’t wait to come back again. . . . . Also, if you have a reservation there and are from the US, make sure you bring them clickable @sharpie"

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