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The Departure Duck

The Departure Duck


Downtown, Southwest Portland
$$$, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, Asian

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The Departure Duck
"8 years ago I was tasked with creating a large, celebratory dish for @departurepdx. I dug into some techniques I picked up from the Chinese staff I worked with back in NYC. A little testing and research and somewhere between roast duck and peking duck the Departure Duck was born. A Maple Leaf duck, cured in 7 spice overnight, blanched in honey and Chinese wine and air dried for 4 days, roasted and glazed with more honey daily to match orders, a few extra prepared for walk ins. The duck is presented to you whole, then taken back to the kitchen and carved by a chef and served with candied kumquats, hoisin, 7 spice cherry sauce, scallions, cucumber and pancakes to wrap everything in. We then take all the duck trim from the carcass and make fried rice with the duck fat and offal. 🤤The duck technique has never changed. We have only added to the experience by adding Duck Broth to start and Duck Fat Ice Cream to end to respect and utilize 100% of the duck. This year we add a spicy house made shellfish and scallion XO. Each duck experience takes 10 cooks and a chef to get to your table. It consumes our life all December and we love it. The order and process chart is nuts and we work with @nicky.usa very closely to stay up on product timeline. Family and friends have made this an annual tradition. People have started eating the whole thing by themselves at the bar. 😳This is just as big of a tradition for you as it is for us. 24 hour pre-order required. Hope you can join us in December. If I can’t say hi it’s cause I’m carving ducks all night. 😅 . . . #duckmonth #departuresholidayduck #roastduck #pekingduck #departurepdx #departureden #traditions #pdxeats #happyholidays #2018 #pickupduck 🦆✨"
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