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Prime Rib. Rib #7.

Prime Rib. Rib #7.

Smith & Wollensky

Bay Village
$$$, Happy Hour, Full Bar, Steakhouse

Expert Recommendations

"Prime Rib. Rib #7. Some American Steakhouses are like country club. The experience that you have, when you are a guest of a highly regarded member, is far different than when you are a “visitor”. This prime rib that I had with my good friend @nicksolares , one of the most prominent member to Club S&W, was something from a different word. May be it was just my heightened appreciation and enthusiasm (like placebo), or may be it was rib #7 from their best beef selection, or was it both? - I will never find out. But I did have one of the most epic beef meal right here at Smith & Wollensky. We skipped appetizers and just drank stiff AF whiskey sour until the beef showed up. Thank you, Nick for opening the year with a truly beefy bang."