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Dry fry chicken

Expert Recommendations

"Everyone knows about these wings already, but they're too insanely good to not mention. Sweet, sticky fried chicken. Pure perfection. Just be ready for a wait! But it's oh so worth it."
"If you haven't been here, you're missing out! The line is crazy on weekends, so try to go during the weekday for lunch or a mid-day wing snack. I often order them to-go and eat them outside or at a local bar."
"Many do chicken wings but few do it as well as the king! This "dry fry" version is the one to get. The wings are tossed with an intoxicating blend of garlic, ginger and chili. They're ridiculously addictive and the perfect way to end a day of exploring Golden Gate Park or bar hopping on Irving Street. There's a wait, but they recently opened "San Tung #2" right next door with a slightly limited menu where you can still get all the wings you need."
"These are hands down the best chicken wings in the city—sweet, spicy, addictive. There's a reason people wait for a table here and it's jammed every night, and that reason is the chicken wings. I swear they must dip them in crack on the way out of the kitchen."
"My friends and I refer to these as crack wings, given their addictive properties. Warning: When you think it's a great idea to bring them to your friend's Super Bowl party, think again, because hundreds of others have had the same brilliant idea and the wait will be in terms of hours to get your order. The dry fry chicken wings at Shanghai House make a suitable back-up but aren't quite the same."
"I love San Tung's dry fry chicken. You can order it diced, but I like the wings. These are the best chicken wings you will ever eat. San Tung makes them spicy and so irresistible."

Also at San Tung Chinese Restaurant 山東小館 (San Tung Chinese Restaurant)