Medium 334
Oysters & Pearls


"This is definitely a date-night dish. It tastes of heaven and it's beautifully elegant. It's a powerhouse dish that makes working hard worthwhile."
"It's simply one of the most decadent and amazing couple of bites ever."
"Thomas Keller’s great East Coast restaurant at the TWC is an American classic with a menu all on its own. His kitchen cameras keep things in line and in sync, but this now classic creation from The French Laundry menu is a warm welcome anytime. I love when the meal starts with this special opening dish of white sturgeon caviar and Island Creek oysters. It makes for a very special dining experience."
"The caviar and pearls are the perfect marriage of seafood in the mouth, and the egg yolk sabayon does a wonderful job of bringing it all together."
"Plain and simple, this dish is made of caviar and oysters served warm. It has such a smooth texture and flavor, and the whole thing comes together so well-balanced."
"Made with oysters, tapioca and caviar, this is one of the best dishes ever created—a Thomas Keller classic at one of the top restaurants in town."

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