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"The pork shoulder is braised in its own fat for two hours with Manteca (or lard), which they render from heritage pigs, salt, piloncillo (unrefined brown sugar), orange, onions, garlic, milk, dark beer, and cinnamon. Eat it with some homemade tortillas, their pickled jalapeños, and salsa de tomatillo. Oh madre de Dios!"
"This is one of my favorite, unassuming San Francisco spots. It's a great place if you want some inexpensive, authentic Mexican food."
"This restaurant opened because the Mexican crew at Nopa used to make staff meals that were good, so they had to give them their own restaurant. This carnitas is to die for—braised pork, orange, bay leaves, milk, cinnamon, beer, pickled jalapeños, cabbage, and salsa de tomatillo."

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