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Bánh mì thịt

Bánh mì thịt

Saigon Sandwich

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Expert Recommendations

"I spent my early years in San Francisco as a broke line cook living in the Tenderloin and needed cheap eats that were still tasty. Enter the bánh mì—Vietnam's offering to the sandwich gods. The best is the pork combo at Saigon Sandwich. It's an ethereal blend of steamed and roasted pork, pâté, cilantro, chilies and sweet pickled carrots on a toasted baguette. The textures and flavors are explosive. The line will wrap around the block during lunch hours, so it's best to go right after the rush."
"The line out the door says it all. I love these hearty Vietnamese sandwiches that are served from a tiny spot in the Tenderloin. The roast pork is great but adding pâté gives it an unmatched depth of flavor, especially for the price!"
"I love the combination of barbecued pork, spicy chiles, sweet carrots, cilantro, and tangy vinegar, and all for just $3.50!"
"This is a hole-in-the-wall in the middle of the Tenderloin with the most amazing, French-style bread and the best stuff inside. It has the perfect combination of East meets West. It's been voted 'best sandwich' since forever, so there's always a line. I like the classic roasted pork: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the pickled sweet daikon and carrots, cilantro, and special sauce all come together so well."
"It's cheap and one of the few things in the city I can consistently eat and not get sick of. They figured out the perfect mix in their assembly line of jalapeños, cilantro, and carrot slaw."
"The bread, meat, cilantro, carrots, and jalapeños—it's utterly delicious! I love their grilled pork bánh mì, which is a favorite at Saigon Sandwich."

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