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"Green garlic bread"

"Green garlic bread"

State Bird Provisions

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"This little pillow of joy would make every hippie in the Haight Ashbury trade in their grilled cheese sandwich for just one whiff of the melted garlic or bite of gooey burrata that has all the familiar flavors you remember but with a sophisticated twist."
"The house-made burrata is so fresh, and when combined with the warm, crispy garlic bread… it's killer. This is a dish I could eat every day. 'Nuf said."
"I have had many great burrata dishes in my life but the one I crave the most is this version at State Bird. It’s the grown-up gourmand version of garlic cheese bread from my childhood."
"The garlic bread and burrata are so light and fluffy. Coated in olive oil and garlic, it's like garlic bread heaven that melts in your mouth. I like to sit at the bar; the chefs and staff are so warm and inviting, it makes you never want to leave."
"It's already a challenge to try to pace yourself and figure out how to fit the maximum amount of tastes in your stomach at State Bird, but I can't help myself when the burrata bread comes around. I've learned that eating it about 3/4 of the way through the meal is the best plan; you've had a chance to fill up on plenty of quail and other beautiful dishes before occupying a big chunk of space with bread."
"At State Bird Provisions, it's hard to recommend a single dish since the menu is always evolving and the dishes can change throughout the course of the night. Brioza is one of the most soulful cooks I know, so what I recommend is going with an open mind. However, you can't go wrong with any of the bread dishes, especially the green garlic bread that's been on the menu with various toppings depending on the season, mood, and availability. Also, anything with offal will be a good bet as well."

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