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Ritsu tonkotsu ramen

Ritsu tonkotsu ramen

Izakaya Sozai

Inner Sunset
$$, Happy Hour, Japanese, Reservations, Full Bar, Noodles

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"A great little izakaya, the owners Ritsu and Suemee are such great, hospitable people. All of my meals there have been excellent—and every one of them ends with this dish. I can’t get enough of this place."
"I've had plenty of ramen in SF (all of them really good), but this one does it for me, especially on a foggy and cold SF night. The pork broth is so rich, it has this natural creaminess to it. I love that I always run into industry folks here. Be sure to get there early to avoid the long wait (which is, by the way, well worth it). You can never have enough pork, so why not add the pork belly? I always do."
"Hands down the best ramen in SF. I love the creamy marrow broth and perfectly cooked noodles, which I order with pork belly and spicy miso. This was the first bowl of ramen I ate in this city and ever since then I have been addicted."
"Before the whole ramen craze started in SF, Ritsu, the chef-owner of Izakaya Sozai, was cranking out these tasty bowls of noodles. He makes a rich tonkotsu-style broth that you can add a huge chunk of pork belly to. It's the perfect end to a meal at Sozai, and was a big influence in the favors I wanted to use at Hapa Ramen. You can add spicy miso and garlic to it as well, but I like to just savor the flavor of the broth and the chewy noodles."

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