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Diavola pizza

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"I crave this pizza. Every time I am in Atlanta, I try to swing by Antico's. Their traditional Neapolitan pizza is hard to beat, but the Diavola is the cream of the crop with its spicy soppressata and peppers."
"The Diavola is amazing because it has the perfect balance in all of its ingredients. The spice from those peppers are so delicious, with a great harmony between sour, salty, and spicy. And of course, that crust!"
"This is the best pizza at Antico. The soppressata and peppers are what I dream about at night."
"To me, this is the best pie in town. It's topped with artichokes, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, and bufala mozzarella, but it's those peppers that I love. They are wonderful, spicy jolts that balance out the pie!"
"This wood-fired pizza topped with spicy sopressata, flaming-hot peppers, and bufala mozzarella makes all other pizzas (and sometimes me) cry themselves to sleep at night."

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