Miller Union
Southern, American
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999 Brady Ave NW
Atlanta, GA30318
Call: 678.733.8550
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"I’m not entirely sure how it’s made, but my best guess is that a beautifully white celeriac purée is heated in a bowl, and then some genius cracks a farm egg over the top, which cooks in the hot cream as it’s being delivered to my table. Then some other genius suggests I scoop up the whole mess with some crusty, toasted bread. All of the geniuses are right, of course, but it’s too much genius and now my head hurts. Brilliance never tasted so good."
"You know... the farm egg with celery cream at Miller Union is pretty tight, I must say. It's just perfect to sop up with crusty bread (next to the 'Angry Mussels' juice at JCT. Kitchen, of course!). This is basically eggs en cocotte—a French breakfast of soft-baked eggs and cheese in a ramekin—but the addition of celery is subtle and mixes perfectly with the runny yolk and crusty 'soldiers.'"

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