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Home-cooked hot roast beef poor boy w/ gravy

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Home-cooked hot roast beef poor boy w/ gravy
"You can't beat the classics! Parkway has been serving Poor Boys for over 100 years, so if you're visiting New Orleans for the first time, consider them a must. The roast beef & gravy was my favorite. Wash it down with a rich malty ice cold Turbodog."
"You got to go to Parkway and get a good roast beef po' boy. It is nothing fancy—they serve it to you wrapped in the paper, and you got to get it dressed with tomatoes and mayonnaise. They use a chuck roast that has fat in it. Some people don't use it because it has got the fat in it, but that fat gives it flavor. They just pull the meat apart and don't slice it, and it is so good. You sit down there with your cold root beer, eat it, and talk to people around you."

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