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Octopus carpaccio

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"I am a sucker for octopus of every kind from every country and done in every type of preparation, so I know my octopus. This is one of the best I have found anywhere. Fried little tentacles are encircled by fanned out, raw octopus and cucumbers topped with a yuzu-jalapeño dressing. It's perfection."
"K-ZO does awesome sushi. The octopus is perfect and simple. They serve it sashimi-style, then fry the tentacles and serve it with yuzu kosho (a spicy, citrusy, salty condiment). The monkfish liver is also great!"
"French and Japanese-trained Keizo and his wife Yuki run a fantastic sushi and small-bite place in the heart of Culver City. The octopus carpaccio is great, but just order anything on the specials page and you'll never be disappointed."

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