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Phở tái chín

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"With so many phở spots in Vegas, it seems as if there may be one on every corner. Pho Kim Long is the only one I frequent. The thin rice noodles, slow-cooked shaved brisket, thinly sliced rare steak, and flawlessly flavored, piping hot broth make up the perfect concoction for the start or finish to any day."
"My favorite phở is #13, which has rare steak and brisket. The soup here is so simple yet so classic. You don't expect it, but something about the broth, noodles, and meat together in one bowl make it so delicious. What I like about this place is that they make Vietnamese food with Chinese influence. They keep their food authentic but aren't scared to do things differently. Plus, they remember their customers, which is awesome."

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