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Foie gras custard "brûlée"

Foie gras custard "brûlée"


$$$$, Happy Hour, Modern, Full Bar, American, Bar, Mediterranean

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"I don’t even know how Shawn McClain makes this dish so decadent yet so light. It’s the best foie gras terrine: whipped up lightly, packed into a ramekin dish, sprinkled with sugar, and brûléed. It’s salty, sweet, unctuous, vibrant—everything you want foie gras to be! It’s served with brioche that's so light, fluffy, and buttery that I always order extra before it even comes out! They serve it at the bar, so you can just pop in and enjoy it as your first course before going out."
"It's good before dinner, during dinner, and even after dinner. The subtle, smooth, and creamy foie explodes in your mouth. It's a sublime experience. Sean McClain hits the ball long and hard. It's outstanding how he can get foie gras even softer than it already is."

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