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Tonkotsu ramen

Expert Recommendations

"My favorite dish here is the tonkatsu ramen, which has a rich, deep, dark brown pork broth topped with char siu pork , nitamago (soft-boiled egg), shredded green onion and takana mustard greens. My other favorite go-to dish is the takana fried rice, which has a spicy punch to it from the mustard greens. It's a small restaurant, with only 26 seats, but it's worth the wait. This is the best ramen in Las Vegas."
"There’s something already pleasing about a bowl of hot noodles, but when they’re in a cloudy, fatty, unrefined broth, it’s undeniably satisfying.The ramen here is awesome, and they do it right because it’s pretty much all they do. You'll only see three varieties of ramen (four if you count a blend of two), and a few other filler dishes. The noodles are top quality and the toppings, which you can add if desired, are great; I prefer a little extra chashu pork, nitamago, and Takana mustard leaves."
"This is by far the best bowl of ramen in the city. Rich, unctuous pork broth that has been simmering for hours is ladled over a nest of slightly chewy ramen noodles. Garnished with roasted pork, shredding scallions, and a soft-boiled egg, it's heaven on earth for me."

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