Medium potato wrapped oysters rockefeller fruition
Potato-wrapped oysters Rockefeller


"I know I'm not the only one who thinks this dish is ethereal, as it has stayed on Alex's menu since forever. It's not an easy dish to prepare and serve correctly, which makes it all the more amazing when you bite into it. It's a dish that's never going to be given justice with words; it must be eaten."
"This is a great riff on a classic. How do they roll these tuiles so crispy?"
"Alex Sidel is one of the most celebrated chefs in Denver, and for good reason! When he opened Fruition, the potato-wrapped oysters Rockefeller was the first dish I tried and I go back on any special occasion to order them first. The restaurant's a heck of a lot busier these days, so make a reservation far in advance."

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